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24 Hour Contact: 07958501623

Office Contact: 01753522079

All 5k Security

Canine Unit

Drug or explosive detection

Detection Dogs

Providing the most effective drug/ explosives detector dogs.
Dog Patrols


We can cunduct patrols with our highly trained dogs and handlers.
Guarding with a difference

Manned Guarding

Guarding with our trained canines projects a powerful deterent.

Detection Dogs

Problems with drugs?

The use of illegal drugs in the workplace is a growing problem, causing lost hours and revenues, higher insurance premiums, fraudulent compensation claims, theft of money, inventory, personal and company property.

Explosives concern?

Companies of all types, which are concerned about explosives in or around the workplace will benefit from our explosives detection teams. Our routine checks will ensure complete peace of mind for both you and your customers.

Professional Accreditations

5K security is an Associate member of NASDU and the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers. All of our handlers are trained to NASDU and BIPDT standards, each with there own fully equipped guard dog.